Conservation is Sexy Print


In a world where pipelines chew up sacred land and evil private companies can now buy up what used to be protected natural wonders, I felt like we as humans had just ruined everything. But then I drew John Muir for Earth Day in a silly, sexy pose and people responded to it, favorably! Which made me realize that, hey, there are plenty of humans out there that have made this planet a better, healthier place! Why not remind others of their remarkable lives and the immense legacies they've created (and learn a lot myself!). So, this ongoing project, "Conservation is Sexy," aims to highlight those who have changed the way we live, think, and feel about this earth, from the famous to the unknown.

*IMPORTANT* Tell me which pin-up you'd like in the "Notes to Seller" box, otherwise we'll have to play email tag ;)

So far we have:
John Muir
John James Audubon
Aldo Leopold
Betty Reid Soskin

I will be updating the list as I create more :D

20% of each purchase will be donated to the charitable organization directly linked to the person:

Three paper sizes offered:
8.5"x11" or 11"x17", both on 130# matte- shipped flat
Or HUGE on 23"x30" 80# matte- shipped in tube

Shipping goes out Tuesdays and is through USPS Priority Mail Domestic or First Class Mail International
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